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Foodishta- The Beginning

Its been an amazing journey to this day since i started blogging on Instagram. I am grateful to all the love and support that continues and grows everyday.

My Story in My Words

On a very personal level, this blog is one of the most positive things in my life running for almost a year now and I am grateful to my mother and my best friends who pushed me to start this blog.
Most of you have and still ask me that “Why did i start blogging ?”
My answer has always been that i love sharing. Not only about the food or places that you should try, i love sharing thoughts, advises and my opinion on almost everything.


The name is Foodishta but this blog/website will contain all sorts of content from what why’s and where’s to do’s and do-not’s. I will write about almost everything that i want to share like blogging tips, recipes, experiences and much more whilst hoping that you all like it too.
Since Foodishta is the brand that i am long connected and associated with , this is gonna be the headliner of this blog website too.

In the past i had thought about YouTube as well, but its very difficult for me because i know nothing of video content creation and editing and today YouTube has some good and even brilliant content creators that i love to watch but i don’t think i wanna compete with them just yet. (YouTube could be a possibility in future but it isn’t now)

The Logo

The idea of the blog is to share more than pictures and captions, beyond stories and boomerangs, to have a heart-to-heart with my thoughts and the people that connect with foodishta and me. Feel free to comment your thoughts,queries and feedback, would answer them all💕.
Food for thought.🍟
By Ishita Pahwa