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Moving to Mumbai !!

Had the most intense Bollywood feeling while thinking to write this. I know most of you must have watched the movie “Wake Up Sid !’ and i so instantly relate to the character “Aisha Banerjee” writing her first article “New girl in the city” and this one is my first post since i moved to the iconic “Mumbai”.

First things first, none of you might know this i have never lived away from my parents let alone out of Ludhiana ever and I never thought for a moment when this year started that i would be living the life that i am. It was 3 months of planning and fascination about moving to Mumbai to work in Reliance Jio.

I never thought the series of events that occurred to bring everything into right places a right time. I am very grateful for the life and opportunities that i have been given. Alas, Life is not all glittery, I had my share of problems and difficulties in moving to Mumbai and settling down.

Finding a decent place had become the most extraordinarily difficult things to ever do ! Even after that somehow I managed to find a good place to live in. But during all this Chaos, I could not keep up with my blog ! something that is so close to my heart, something i had been working for most part of 1 year and given my heart and soul to. I felt and still do feel guilty for not putting up content ! I have more than 5000+ pictures to post ( not kidding you guys !) and still couldn’t find a shred of time and will to post them ! I am not whining but still sharing how i felt these past couple of weeks.

I wish i was “Ayesha Banerjee” sometimes, wished that everything just came together after a few days magically like it happened in the movie, but nothing. I still am struggling to keep up with this Lifestyle while i  try to put up content on my blog and instagram page.

Hope to write more and not be sore (lame attempt at poetry!)